Financial Planning

Financial Planning

As an independent wealth advisor and Certified Financial Planner ™, clients can benefit from Financial Planning in its purest form at PMG Wealth Management.

Depending on an investor’s stage of life, eventually the successful ones will need to include Financial Planning into the mix.  This is where we pull all the pieces together to come up with one comprehensive plan to guide you in each and every financial area that is important to you (retirement, cash flow, tax planning, your business, college savings, investments, and estate issues).

Those who benefit most from financial planning are usually:

  • Looking to retire within the next five years
  • Strong savers
  • In need of more income from current investments
  • Feeling overwhelmed with various account statements
  • Ready to rise above

We work with successful individuals and families dealing with their own personal situations to business owners, executives, and employee benefits managers who appreciate the need to educate their employees.

With PMG Wealth Management, clients have the ability to utilize our Financial Planning services on a flat fee or hourly consulting agreement.  Financial Planning is a separate service from Investment Management.  We can help you Plan to Rise Above® when you’re ready to take the next step.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us or call at (847) 550-6100.