Our Process “Plan to Rise Above®

PMG Wealth Management’s process takes shape from the recommended process of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.  By utilizing this process we can assure you that all financial decisions we make on your behalf will be consistent with your goals.

  1. Establish and define our client-advisor relationship.
  2. Gather your financial data and define your goals.
  3. Analyze and evaluate your financial status.
  4. Develop and present our recommendations and possible alternatives – your financial plan.
  5. Implement your financial plan decisions.
  6. Monitor and review your plan against milestones and benchmarks that can help keep you on track.

The majority of client’s look to us to act as their personal CFO and seek our advice on nearly all financial matters. These clients benefit directly from the use of our “Plan to Rise Above®” Process. This process takes a deep dive into your situation developing a plan to address your lifestyle goals, family/personal protection, cash flow, employee benefits, retirement need, college savings, real estate, potential estate issues, the markets, risk, and your investments. Client’s going this route benefit from a clear picture allowing them to focus on what brings them happiness in life. Ever wonder how long your assets will last or want a plan that matches who you are, that’s all part of our process.

Some clients may only look for assistance with one or two areas of expertise as a double check or to navigate the markets helping in a smaller way along their journey. Once assets or life reaches a new level, clients have the option to graduate to a higher level of service as mentioned above.

PMG Wealth Management’s “Plan to Rise Above®” Wealth Process, is a comprehensive financial planning program with many functions that gives clients a complete big picture of their family’s finances and the confidence or mindset to…Plan to Rise Above®.

We find it maddening how many “financial advisors” do not actually create a plan for their clients or are solely interested in how much a client brings to the table in terms of assets or are compensated more to push the in house life insurance.

Our process helps families and small business owners…

  • make the decision to retire with confidence. We’ll help determine “your number” and build a plan around your situation to maximize asset longevity.
  • know exactly how long their assets are projected to last.
  • stay retired by monitoring assets and plan against life’s “What Ifs”.
  • create a legacy for their heirs.
  • manage risk through volatile markets by utilizing technical analysis to support our Advance and Protect philosophy.
  • build an emergency fund.
  • create a process for ongoing savings.
  • identify risks to the financial well-being of their families.
  • consolidate old retirement plans.
  • track all assets, regardless of where they may be held.
  • create a working document to accomplish various financial goals
  • match investments to a big picture plan, not some arbitrary number.
  • focus their time on the activities they truly love and do best in life.
  • simplify their financial life.

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