Prime Earning Years

Prime Earning Years

Corporate benefits, check…Emergency savings, check…Life Insurance, check. At first glance it may appear you have the bases covered.  Life is pretty good.

However, despite being in your prime earning years some still struggle with cash flow issues. The expenses of life have never been bigger and now with the economy having a tough time you may need to be better prepared.

Many of our clients in their prime earning years consistently need assistance juggling three out of the next four:

  • Saving for their own retirement
  • Paying for kids in college
  • Rolling over a 401(k) or previous retirement plan
  • Beginning talks to assist your own parents with their wealth transfer plan

Does this sound familiar?  Who is helping you pull the pieces together?  To be considered for a complimentary financial review, please complete our Confidential ProfileContact our office with questions and how to submit at (847) 550-6100.

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