As the United States continues to re-open we are seeing the markets melt up with volatility slowing. We are expecting more good news to come, but there will be some setbacks too. The one area everyone will be watching is unemployment, jobless claims, and basically tracking anything to do with how fast jobs are able to rebound. If jobs are able to bounce back quickly we could be starting off a new bull market. If jobs get caught in the mud then this rebound could stall. So far we’re in the bounce back quickly camp. Stay tuned!

For our office we continue to have more zoom meetings each week and if you are interested in setting one up please give us a call. I’ve actually come to like the software and I think clients are as well. Our office has been open the entire time too, so if you prefer a face to face meeting we are good with that too.

Lastly, if you know of someone close to you who could benefit from our assistance please consider us as a resource to help out.

Hope to see you soon.

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